Our Team

Our team at the Europeans is composed of 7 persons from diverse backgrounds. There are 30 to 40 members that are actively involved in all club activities. We welcome new members throughout the year.

Each year, a new team volunteers to be part of the club executive committeeOur team’s eight officers support the different activities and members of the Club.

Meet the 2021-2022 Club Officers:

  • President: Badia Belkouchi  will preside at meetings of the Club and has general supervision of the operations
  • Vice President – Education: Nourhenne Guedda  will keep track of the members’ progress and direct Club programs which meet their educational needs
  • Vice President – Membership: Chirihan Chergui  will work on retaining and increasing club membership
  • Vice President – Public Relations: Mariana Veras will inform individual members and the general public about Toastmasters International and about Club activities
  • Secretary: Jean-Marie Fayette  will be responsible for Club records and support the Club officers
  • Treasurer: Afton Le Gendre will collect dues to Toastmasters International and manage Club financial police
  • Sergeant at Arms:  Sandra Chirk will make sure the meeting facilities are ready

Toastmasters International Club officer tools – LINK