Join us to celebrate The Europeans 20th anniversary Wednesday, October 26th from 7pm onwards


We will have the pleasure to share with you a special moment at the ZANGO bar. There will be an evening buffet with world food accompanied by an entertaining program.  We will welcome you from 7pm.  Places are limited so book your tickets by clicking on the link above.

 The Europeans Toatmasters Team

Our meetings are now held at le ROYAL OPERA

19 Avenue de l’Opera
PARIS 75001
Please go to the basement from 7.30pm. The meeting will start at 8pm sharp

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Le Royal Opera

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 27th January:

Why don’t you come to see us? Send us a request and we will put you down on our guest list. At the Europeans we enjoy talking. Do Come and see for yourself.

What happened at our last two meetings:

December was a busy month for The Europeans! We had our regular meeting on Wednesday December 9, which conflicted with the District Christmas party. The following week we had our own Christmas party on Wednesday December 16, a week earlier than our usual meeting date. We only move our meeting date when there is a major conflict and things always seems to happen around the holiday time, so we were flexible!

December 9 was a full meeting with the installation of a new member, Elise. Nadia shared a very funny joke about a parrot which I have since repeated at least three times. (Thanks! I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that joke!). We heard about the mentorship program which continues to be a very important part of the success of Toastmasters.

Gaelle led Table Topics and Janka, a third-time guest, took the blue ribbon. Alicia presented in French, Emanuelle presented an interview situation, and Serge gave an excellent presentation and took the blue ribbon for the night.

There was discussion about how to judge the speeches— whether it is for the “Best Speech” or the speech that best met the objectives of the speech. Pamela gave an excellent evaluation of Alicia and talked about the dance of the speech as a way to use body language. She took the Best Evaluation ribbon.

December 16, 2016

This meeting had a completely different feel to it because everyone came in bearing gifts for the gift exchange. We had a new member induction with Janka joining us. Elise gave the toast, which was for the challenging job of hiding all of the Christmas presents (a challenge I could relate to with 3 kids….). Janka told an elf joke that made me laugh out loud.

Odile was the Toastmaster of the evening. She had each of us present what the holiday season means to us which further put us in a festive mood. The gist of Odile’s story is that for her it is the scent of the tree, which her family cut down and used real candles as ornaments.

Alain was the Table topics master and he did a masterful job! He played judge and presented a case and one person was the defense attorney and the next was the prosecution! It was quite a heated debate as the topics revolved around Santa’s misbehaviors and the such!
Alicia took the blue ribbon.

There were two presentations. Yamina spoke first about vocal variety and then went on to talk about her recent experiences in Cuba, calling it a land of Contrasts. Christian spoke second about humor in computing… a very challenging subject for the non-techies in the crown!
Since there were only 2 speeches, there were no ribbons.

At the break we celebrated with a glass of champagne as the gifts were passed out by Emanuelle’s son. Then Odile had the challenging job to get us back on task!!

Peter evaluated Yamina, and as he put it, he did not “white wash” his evaluation! Emmanuelle evaluated Christian and formulated a well-structured evaluation.

Overall, we ended the year on a high note and we look forward to seeing everyone again January 13, 2016!

Safe holidays for everyone! Also note that the next contest for evaluations and speeches is in March in case you want to get a head start on your speech!!!

Wishing you all a very happy festive season 🎆

What a good meeting we had on the 16th of December! Our last in 2015. We will meet again on 13 January 2016. Thank you to all the members and guests who made it such a nice evening! Gifts 🎁 for everyone and a bubbly 🍾 to celebrate the festive times.
Great table topic Alain! Great contribution from all. Very happy Christmas and happy 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ 🌠

The Europeans: Wednesday 25 November, 2015

We had an excellent meeting. We started a little bit late due to the fact that several important people were suddenly unable to attend and we had to shift some roles around, but it all worked out! Philippe Lang took on the role of Toastmaster of the evening and he was his usual charming self while Lenny was recuperating from the flu. Alice led us as we raised our glasses to toast Michel Lau’s new baby Albin (dashing little fellow!). Gaëlle told a very funny joke (excellent job!) so we got off on a good start.

Of great interest was Odile’s speaking tip on how to be an effective Table Topics Master. The points are worth repeating: 1. Be short; 2. simple and clear topics; 3. don’t require specific knowledge; 4. subject should be of general interest; 5. always try to answer the question asked; 6. never forget the basics (intro-main-summary-thank you). Odile went on to lead by example as she gave us simple clear topics that were interesting and fun! She also selected people who were not holding major roles so all the members would have a chance to participate. This was top notch!

Next we had an educational presentation by Paolo about giving effective evaluations or feedback. As a relatively new member, I really appreciated this presentation. For general feedback, he offered 6 points:
1. express concern
2. describe what noticed — be precise with examples
3. highlight consequences of situation
4. ask the person for their thoughts about the situation
5. offer specific suggestions for improvements
6. end on a positive note— what you can do.

The feedback should be given as soon as possible after the incident, as soon as you are calm, cool and collected.

For Toastmasters, Focus on the precise concrete examples, grade according to objectives, use vocal variety, be specific and personal (what I noticed is…) and end with positive encouragement.

The goal is to develop critical thinking… Paolo said the evaluation is a mini speech and include heard-seen-felt and intro, body, and conclusion with vocal variety.

Paolo himself uses a specific sandwich technique: positive point, what can be improved upon, and a positive note. It was very educational. For some reason I kept expecting Paolo to tie it into “The Game”, but that was just a hangover from the humor contest.

Pamela did a dramatic reading and Christiane did a presentation on vegetables. Of particular note to the evaluations, Peter gave a strong evaluation really holding to the objectives set forth in the speech he was reviewing. It really reflected the importance of knowing your presenter and what is possible and not shying away from a “raking over the coals”. I joined this club for the quality of the evaluations, and have not been let down by the excellent quality of the senior evaluators.

There were seven guests.

Would you like to come as a guest and see how we do our meetings!

Send us a mail at: to book your place.
As a guest we will just ask you to introduce yourself at the begining of the meeting and to tell us what you thought at the end. Apart from that you watch, you listen, you enjoy.

As the meeting starts at 8pm, we ask you to come before, from 7.30pm.

You will be asked to order a drink and food at the bar and you will find us on the first floor of the Café de l’Echelle, 3 rue de l’Echelle, Paris 1st.

Come and see for yourself!

Next meeting see the date on the right.

Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests: Saturday 17 October at 13.00

From 13.00 to 17.00 you will hear humorous speeches and Table topics.  It is a Contests!

It it is going to be fun.  Join us to support talents from 4 Toastmaster clubs.

The contest will be held at the American Church, Thurber room, 65 quai d’Orsay, 75007 Paris, metro Pont de l’Alma.

you can register at:

The cost €10 before October 10th or by bank transfer.  Send us a mail to if you are interested

After the 10th of October it will be €15 at the door.


Come and join us one evening.

We meet every other week on Wednesdays at Café de l’Echelle, 3 rue de l’échelle, Paris 1st.  Send us a mail first so that we can add you to our guest list as we have a limited number of guests at each meeting.  Email us at:

Meetings are free and starts At 8.00pm but you can arrive from 7.30pm.  You will be asked to order a drink or some food at the bar for at least €10.  Otherwise it is all fun.  Come and judge for yourself.