2016 Toastmasters Division A Christmas Dinner Party


The Party was held on Friday 9th December Chez Jenny


Chez Jenny

What a Toastmasters Division A Gathering
The party was fun and attracted many members of Toastmasters and guests. It all started with a welcome aperitif providing people with the opportunity and time to mingle and talk with friends and fellow toastmasters.
The Masters of Ceremony opened the party and addressed and entertained us in  both English and in French for the  whole evening. 
The Twelve Days (or nights) of Toastmasters
We all sung to Ginny’s twelve days of Toastmasters, a journey of toastmasters teachings from the first to the 12th days (or nights):  Breaking the ice, table topics, content, eye contact,  body language, gestures, vocal variety, so much improvements, no ah’s,  no notes, no shaking knees….At last a competent communicator, the ribbon and the contests.
The twelve days of Christmas well revisited for us Toastmasters fellows!
Speeches, Impromptus, Surprises, Jokes
We were then entertained even more with speeches from Beatrice who gave us a demonstration on how to dance the Salsa and from Mark with his ‘Rude traveller story’.  We were treated with more and more entertainment going from surprise performances, more speeches to amusing impromptus animated by Colleen and Patrick and continuing jokes told by our Toastmasters of ceremonies.
Santa Gifts!!
Bob disguised in his Santa costume finally told us all about the gifts.  We picked up from Santa’s sack a present and it went from surprise to surprise.
A Great Division A Christmas Dinner Party organised by a dedicated team from Paris Speech Masters for all the Division A Toastmasters clubs members and Guests.

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