Moments of Truth

(article by Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, DTM)

Moments of Truth just got fun! Your moment of truth for quality club meetings becomes suspenseful using Kahoot!, a proactive learning tool!

At the Club Officers Training in January, nine club officer teams were online with the timer ticking and results showing on the projector screen: Nine teams, 25 questions, each one timed, and 20 minutes to complete!

Kahoot!, a proactive learning tool (geared strictly for education), can add another dimension of interactivity to your Toastmasters club meeting. Other Toastmasters clubs use it for meetings, the membership drive open house, a training presentation, new member orientation, etc. You can see and use other examples on Kahoot!

How to use in your club?

Using Moments of Truth questions (Item 290 Toastmasters International), the game keeps the participants focused and keeps the question alive of ‘What does your club want to achieve’?” The response timing can be set up to leave time for discussion of the results at your meeting.

Alice, Area 4 Director, and The Europeans club member, recommends that two Toastmasters be involved in running the game: One to do the presentation and one to handle any computer/technical glitch moments.

She says that, using the game, opens a more qualitative debate on what does and does not work in a club.


What’s in it for you?

Are you working on an advanced manual and have presentation requirements to meet? Try giving your annual or bi-annual Moments of Truth interactively.

Contact Alice, Area 4 Director, District 59, Division A, for the template PIN. She recommends you register and send her the log in. She will send you the code she created to use the training COT.

Or you can make up your own quiz. Once you log in, search Kahoot! with the word “Toastmasters” and see the numerous quizzes already available from other Toastmasters clubs around the world.

Alice first encountered Kahoot! reading a training newsletter in October 2016. In November 2016, she and attendees at the MAD Fun & Sun District 59 conference in Madrid, put Kahoot! to work.

The tool is based on Morten Versvik’s technology platform research and colleagues at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); pedagogy and user experience and the behaviour design company “We are Human” in London. Kahott! is in BETA and only in English. You can design quizzes, jumble (for higher-order thinking), surveys and discussion.

Interested in becoming a better speaker in both French and English?


You are welcome to come as a visitor to see how a bilingual Toastmaster club works.

Please register to attend one of our meetings (space is limited and we will not accept people who didn’t register) :

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We meet at:


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Please go to the 1st floor from 7.30pm. The meeting will start at 8pm sharp.

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You will be asked to introduce yourself at the beginning of the evening and, at the end, to give us your feedback/comments/general impressions.  Other than that, you can just sit back, listen and enjoy yourself! It is all fun, come and judge for yourself.  

[IMPORTANT: Please order drink and/or diner (10€ min.). The meeting is free but since we meet in a restaurant we need to order something! Thanks for your understanding]